Guard of the light invites you to an exciting fantasy world. Your mission is to save the world by defending the light.

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About Us

We are an indie game developer team of 2.Our little studio is based in Turkey.Creating fun games was the biggest dream of us and last year we have started to fulfill this.We have published 2 games and many more is yet to come.

About Guard Of The Light

The dark future is our games battle arena.It was expected, the aliens will come for us.They did!When people were getting ready for the biggest battle to defend our world, we understood what their main goal was not to destroy us but our LIGHT!

These aliens, which coming from a different universe, has only one aim.Stealing our light! This civilization which believe the fire is the child of the sun and have been looking for the light in all over space has found what they are looking for in our world.Since these aliens came, our light have faded day by day and finally got complete dark. While we gave up and getting ready to surrender, he came! Guard of the light!!! This guardian is a friendly alien who is coming from the civilization of the sun and he is the only way to save our world.He is the god of the civilization which devoded theirselves to protect the sun.

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20 Levels full of adventure. Explore strength of 8 Weapons.